Friday, December 18, 2015

Two days into chemo cycle

I've got nothing unusual to report.  Some mild nausea - maybe worse than last time - but we are staying on top of it with meds, hoping to prevent any vomiting like I had last time.  I can still drink coffee, so the nausea can't be too bad.

The dexamethasone is causing its normal water weight gain, and some headaches, but Vicodin works great for the headaches.  I've been getting the Vicodin and then taking my IV pole for a walk in the evenings.  I wear a FitBit and I'm trying to make sure I get at least 5000 steps per day, which is tough when limited to a single hospital corridor. One of the chem drugs is so toxic that they'd need a Hazmat team if I wandered off the floor and it spilled.  So, my walking is very limited.

Food is still going down OK, although the list of what sounds appetizing is shrinking.

I've been planning a New Year's get together with some old college friends. The thought of that and being out of here for Christmas is helping a lot.

Otherwise, I'm trying to get some work done to pass the time, and I'm working my way through House of Cards at night.  Last night, I got 9.5 hours of sleep.  That's good, because once the chemo stops, I'll have a couple nights of insomnia due to the steroid.  So, I want to sleep now while I can.

I guess everything is just about where I expected.  The next big moment of anxiety will be the results of my next CT scan on 12/31 to see if the chemo is helping.  Plus a visit to the Big Apple to meet my new surgeon. I wish a wintertime trip to NYC could be more of a vacation, but we have other priorities at the moment.

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Harriet said...

Thanks for the update Damon. I always read them and think about you.