Thursday, July 23, 2015

A sudden turnaround

Last Saturday, I felt terrible and basically napped most of the day.  My wife and I had gone to visit her parents, and I had to apologize for how I felt and not being able to stay awake.  I did manage to sit down and eat dinner that night though, which I haven't been able to do much recently.  Well, I usually eat something, but it's rarely the meal that's been prepared.  I think I ate a salad for the first time in a month.  This time of year, I am usually eating multiple salads every day, but my appetite has been so messed up, that I have just stayed away from most vegetables for the past month.

Sunday, I felt a little better, but still rested a lot to make sure I'd get through the Neil Young show.  Monday, despite a short night of sleep after the show, I felt the best I've felt in a month.  But, it was just one good day, and I've had lots of decent days in the past couple months, only to feel terrible the next day.

I even thought about doing CrossFit on Monday, but my wife was exhausted and just wanted to go home after work.  I didn't want to try a workout enough to argue with her.

Tuesday, I felt pretty good again.  Two days in a row!  The only downside is that it was a hot and humid day.  I walked for about 1.5 miles at lunch and I was tired after that.  My wife went to CrossFit that night, but I didn't want to try a workout in the heat.

Yesterday (Wednesday), I felt decent again.  This was really encouraging - three consecutive days of feeling decent.  So, I decided to try CrossFit.

The warm-up involved some shoulder mobility work, jumping air squats and 2x100 run.  I was amazed that I could breathe OK on the runs.  That alone was a huge change.  A month ago, despite losing body weight, I was out of breath on even the shortest, slowest runs.  That seems to have changed.

The strength workout was 10 rounds of 5 strict presses and 10-20 sit-ups.  I opted for only 7 sit-ups and I kept the weights light on the strict presses - 65#-80#.  A few months ago, I would have done this workout at 95#-110#.  But, I want to ease back in and not get sick again.  As it was, 4 sets at 80# was pretty much my limit.

After the lifting portion of the workout, we had a 10 minute workout.  My goal was max reps of 1) 10 ball slams (20# - very light for me) and 2) 50 single-under rope jumps.  I got six rounds plus 10 more ball slams.  I had gotten tired during the workout, but I did OK.

Tonight, we get to choose our own movements, and I plan to do some rowing, pull-ups, push-ups, and deadlifts - all at an easy level.

And then, I can hopefully go to the hematologist tomorrow and tell him that things seem to be improving.  I'd still like to understand what caused this, but a permanent recovery is more important to me than knowing why it happened.                                                                                                                                                


Jeff Farbaniec said...

C'mon, you know the answer: contact exposure to medical marijuana at the Neil Young concert.

Damon said...