Friday, March 13, 2015

Rest, Train, Train, Train, Rest, Ski, Ski

This is how every week seems to be going for me recently.

I take a rest day on Monday.  I do CrossFit Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  This week included (in rough order) running, heavy front squats, ring rows, sit-ups, box jumps, push-ups, ring dips, heavy bench presses, rowing, kettlebell swings, more box jumps, more ring rows, burpees (a lot of them), hanging knee raises, barbell strict presses, and heavy power cleans.

Plus, there was a whole bunch of mobility work in there, plus warm-ups.

Which leads to today - my next rest day.  I am sore today and I will be teaching skiing all weekend.  So, today is a rest day.  Then, ski, ski and start all over again.

I have only 2 weekends of teaching left in my ski season.  That won't mark the end of skiing, but I probably won't ski hard both Saturday and Sunday after the 22nd.

And, trout season is getting closer all the time.

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