Monday, June 9, 2014

Not funny at all

On Friday, I went to the gym with my wife.  But, on Thursday, I had apparently tweaked something in my lower back.  My left hamstring was still bothering me from earlier in the week.  I was scheduled to do heavy deadlifts and a few other movements that would not be kind to my back or hamstring.  After doing the warm-up, I decided the smart thing to do was rest.  I watched the workout and that was it for the day.

Saturday was a really busy day, but I never did an actual workout of any kind.  I fished in the morning and made a late trip to the farmers market.  We spent a lot of the day in Burlington, celebrating my wife's birthday.

Sunday, I got out for a run - an easy 5 miler.  It was warm and a little bit humid, but not terrible.

Now, on to my subject line - not funny at all.

Today's CrossFit session starts with heavy back squats.  Then, some split squats.  Hopefully, my hamstring is OK with those.

But, the second half of the workout includes burpee lateral bar hops.  Just like last Monday, there are 45 reps of the burpee lateral bar hops, although today they will be done in a 21-15-9 rep pattern, instead of the 15-12-9-6-3 pattern of last week.  I will alternate the burpees with cleans.  But, the memory of finishing last and then puking in the parking lot last Monday is still very fresh in my memory.  Tonight, I will avoid a repeat of the puking, but I can pretty much guarantee I'll be last again.  I'm not happy at all to see these in the workout again.

Repeating the 45 burpee later bar hops a week later is just not funny at all.  I did 50 burpees on my own on Thursday, but it wasn't timed.  This one is going to be a challenge.

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