Friday, June 13, 2014

Good training week

Sunday, I ran.  Monday, it was CrossFit, and I've already written in my previous post about the evil burpee lateral bar hops.  But, I survived it.

Tuesday was some seated box jumps, cleans and clean and jerks, followed by rope jumping, wall balls and pull-ups.

Wednesday was bench presses - heavy (well, heavy for me) and close-grip bench presses.  Then, sprints, sit-ups and dumbbell thrusters.

Thursday was burpees and strict presses to start, in alternating sets.  Then, 12 minutes to row 1000m and get as many kettlebell swings (53#) and box jumps (20") as possible in the rest of the time, doing them in sets of 15.

And now, it's Friday, and unlike a week ago, I'm not feeling physically wrecked.  So tonight, I'll be doing some heavy deadlifts, some hip bridges, and then some sled pulls, pull-ups and more deadlifts (much lighter).

The recent rain makes fly fishing less predictable for the weekend, although we are supposed to have a nice weekend.  My plan is to get in at least two of the following this weekend:

  • Road bike ride
  • Run
  • Hike

So, it's just more of the same.  I am feeling a lot better than a week ago, which is encouraging.

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