Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nothing But CrossFit, It Seems

CrossFit last Saturday wasn't as hard as I expected.  It was four rounds of rope jumping, push-ups and power cleans.  Without a doubt, push-ups, even band-assisted were my weak point.  There were 100 total in the workout and I was doing them in sets of 2 or 3 by the end.  My total time for the workout was just over 20 minutes.

After CrossFit, my wife and I enjoyed a great day and night in Burlington.  We met with friends for brunch, visited Citizen Cider, had a snack and a glass of wine at Leunig's Bistro, checked into our hotel, took a nap, visited two wine bars, and then met friends for dinner at Hen of the Wood.  We certainly took in more calories than we had burned at CF, but it was fun to spend a day on the town.

Sunday was a rest day because we were celebrating a couple family birthdays (my daughter is now 16, which makes me wonder where the years have gone), and I had a lot of cooking to do.

Since Sunday, we've been at CrossFit every day.  Monday was squats, running and shoulder-to-overhead lifts (any technique was legal - strict press, push press, push jerk, split jerk, etc.).  Regretfully, I tweaked something in my knee on a squat set, and had to back off on the weight.  It's still a little bit tender today, but I don't think it's a big deal.

Tuesday was Olympic lifting followed by ring rows, hang power cleans, and burpees.  Wednesday, we started trying to get to the highest weight split jerk that we could accomplish.  I worked up to 175 with no failures by the end of our allotted time.  My best ever for this lift is 180, and I might be able to get to that number soon.  After the jerks, we did deadlifts, push-ups, and rope jumping.

Tonight, I will start with bench presses and probably some more rope jumping.  After that, we will be doing rowing, sit-ups, and weighted box step-ups.

Tomorrow is a rest day.  Thankfully.

I'll either do CrossFit or run on Saturday.  Sunday, I'm hoping to ski or fish or possibly do both.

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