Friday, April 4, 2014

Great workout week

I went to CrossFit 4 consecutive days this week, the first time I've done 4 in a row since last August.  There were weeks in the fall with 4 workouts, but it was usually Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  After 4 tough days, I'm surprised to feel as good as I do.  My wife is fairly sore and beat up from the same 4 days.

Monday, we started with an attempt to get a 1-rep back squat max.  I didn't go all out, but I did work my way up to 285 pounds, easily my best since surgery.  After that, we did some front squats, hanging knee raises, and rope jumping.

Tuesday was all barbell work.  We started with 12 x 3 hang power snatches, every minute on the minute.  I kept this weight low, given the volume and the rest of the workout.  Ever since my shoulder injury last summer, I've pretty much decided that I will continue to do the Olympic lifts, but I'm not going to force the weight on them.  And, I'm not going to do any overhead squats (this includes full squat snatches) at all unless I can improve my shoulder mobility.  Next we did 12 x 3 hang power cleans, and I did them at 95#.  And then the main workout was 30 clean and jerks for time.  The prescribed weight was 135#, but I did them at 95#, with a time of 4:09.  One beast of a guy in our gym has done this workout at 135# in 1:39.  That will never be me.

Wednesday was 5x5 strict (military) press.  I did the sets at 95, 100, 105, 105 and 105.  I nearly failed in the last set, so I was right at my limit.  Then, for time, 40 burpees, 30 pull-ups, 20 push presses, and 10 snatches.  I kept the last two fairly light after the shoulder work the night before.

Thursday, I did 20 alternating sets of 2 deadlifts at 275# and 5 bench presses at 100#, doing one set per minute.  This was the heaviest deadlifting I'd done since my surgery and it felt OK.  My bench press is slowly improving and I'm hoping this will finally be the year I get over 200 pounds.  Then, we finished with rowing and ball slams, using a 40 pound ball, in alternating sets.

Tonight, my wife and I are going to go for a short run after work.  Tomorrow will start with some ugly weather, so I'll probably take a rest day and then ski on Sunday.

I'm really happy with the level of training my body seems willing to accept right now.

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