Thursday, February 13, 2014

Two days of CrossFit

For the first time since my surgery, I made it to CF two days in a row.  I would have made it twice last week except for the head cold I was dealing with.  Well, the doctor said it was viral bronchitis.  Whatever it was, it knocked me down for about a week, and I'm still taking some cough medicine.

Last night's workout was as follows:

20 split jerks, ever minute on the minute.  I did the first 10 at 95 pounds and the second 10 at 105 pounds.  My PR is 195 pounds, so this was definitely taking it easy.  But, it was easily the most weight I've had overhead since my surgery.

Then, as quickly as possible:

3 rounds:
15 x 65 pound front squat
15 band-assisted pull-ups
15 x 2 x 25# dumbbell strict presses

The three rounds took me 10:50.

Today was a "work your weakness" workout.  For the first 20 minutes, we alternated between two movements, and as yesterday, did it every minute on the minute.  I did the following:

4 x 185# deadlifts (vs. a best opf 440)
5 x 2 x 35# dumbbell bench presses (I could do this easily with 50s before the surgery)

Partway through this portion of the workout, I removed the stupid pad I'm wearing due to intermittent incontinence from the surgery.  The incontinence is not bothering me during workouts, and the pad was uncomfortable.

Then, as many reps as possible in 12 minutes of the following:

15 Abmat sit-ups
15 x 35# kettlebell swings
15 x 20" box step-ups (I'm not ready for box jumps yet, which is what everyone else did)

I was most nervous about the sit-ups, so I took my time with them, but they didn't bother me at all.  In 12 minutes, I completed 4 rounds plus 31 reps.

The big east coast snowstorm is almost here and I'll be skiing hard this coming weekend.  Because of that, tomorrow will definitely be a rest day.

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