Friday, February 8, 2013

That was unexpected

I was dreading CrossFit last night.  After a poor workout on Wednesday and feeling completely beat up and exhausted, how could Thursday be any better?

But, I knew that with a winter storm today, I would be working from home and would have no chance to get to CF.  Plus, I need today as a rest day before what will certainly be a challenging skiing weekend.

The main part of the workout last night looked tough and the times on the board from earlier classes confirmed that it was a longer than average workout.

We started with push presses at 5x5.  Normally, I would do these at about 135 pounds, but to take it easy on my shoulder, I did them at 115 instead.  This still felt tougher than I expected, but my form was good on the reps and I got through it just fine.

Then, came the main workout:

4 rounds, as quickly as possible:
20 ball slams
30 kettlebell high pulls
40 sit-ups

A ball slam is a simple movement.  Squat to a sand filled ball (30 pounds for me last night), pick it up and lift it overhead and slam it back to the ground.  Repeat.  These aren't difficult most of the time.

The kettlebell high pull is a movement where skill is a big factor.  Essentially, you stand in a sumo stance and pull the kettlebell from the ground to your chin.  If you simply pull straight up, you will fry your arms quickly.  If, however, you put the kettlebell on the floor six inches behind the default position, you can use a hip extension to launch the kettlebell almost like in a kettlebell swing, and the movement is driven from your legs and hips and not just arms.  In the first round, I used my arms too much and couldn't do more than 10 without resting.  By the third round, I had the technique down and I was able to do up to 20 uninterrupted reps.

And sit-ups - well, they are sit-ups.  My biggest concern on high rep sit-up workouts is getting ab muscle cramps that will slow me down.  But, no such problem last night, and I was able to do all four sets with no rest at all.

Looking at the boards and the times posted by others earlier in the day, I figured I'd be around 21 minutes and it would be a miracle if I got under 20.  But, I felt strong the entire workout and got an 18:13.  I was very surprised and very happy.

Today is a rest day while it snows like crazy outside.  The storm isn't going to hit us nearly as hard as to the south and east of us, but we will still get a fair amount of snow today and tonight.

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