Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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The title is how my days have gone since my last post.  Yeah, there was other stuff in there.  Work, sleep, commuting, time with my wife and kids, etc.  The daily and predictable parts of life.  But, this blog really started out with my pursuit of fitness-related activities and that remains a passion and focus for me, even if I'm not running ultras any more.

During the summer, you can expect to see more posts about fly fishing.  These days, with the below-average ski season that we are having, I'm already dreaming about fly fishing, although it's probably 6-10 weeks away for me.  I even made my first fly-fishing purchase of the year yesterday.  But, I still have 5 weekends of ski teaching left, and I intend to enjoy those as much as possible.

Last week was not a great CrossFit week.  After skiing the previous weekend, as always, and planning to ski on Tuesday, I took Monday as a rest day.  I made it to CF on Wednesday and Thursday, and I had really good workouts both days.  But, the second day beat up my legs a bit, so I did my normal Friday rest day.  My preference is to go to CF four days per week, not two, but sometimes it just doesn't work out.

Saturday, despite very little new snow, we had a good day.  Temps were moderate and winds were light.  Grooming had made some really steep trails a lot of fun and that's how we spent most of our day.  We did one natural-snow bump run and no one wanted to do another one after that.  I had a light teaching focus for the day and we mostly just skied.

Sunday was very cold and very windy.  We skied as much as we could tolerate, but the cold took its toll on the kids, and the winds took a toll on the lifts.  By 2:00, most lifts were closed for the day.  We used that as an excuse for a hot chocolate break and then a couple easy runs to end the weekend.  Most of my students are skiing all week this week, so they will have plenty of time to ski before I see them again.

Last night, I made it to CrossFit.  The workout included front squats, back squats, wall balls, kettlebell swings and burpees.  I felt pretty strong through the workout, even though my legs were a bit tired from the weekend.  The highlight was probably doing 65 total kettlebell swings with the 53# KBs.  This is the most reps I've done with the 53s so far.

We got home in time to watch a delayed broadcast of my (and my wife's) alma mater, Bucknell, beating Lehigh in basketball on TV.  This was good payback for a loss to Lehigh last month.  They are likely to meet one more time, in the Patriot League championship game in March.  Bucknell is 22-5, and they could be 27-5 going into that game.  If they lose, it will be interesting to see if they can get an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament.

My senior year at Bucknell, I was the athletic trainer for the basketball team.  We went 24-5, losing a very close conference championship game to Rider.  I still swear an official swallowed a whistle and failed to call a horrible over-the-back foul that would have given us a chance to win.  At 24-5, we had the best record of any team in division 1 that did not go to the NCAA tourney.  But even that wasn't good enough for an NIT invite.  This year's team is probably better than the 1983-1984 team, but they will probably have to win out to get to the NCAA tournament.  Once there, they are certainly capable of winning a game or two.  In the past, they have beaten Kansas and Arkansas in the tournament, and last year, Lehigh took out Duke.  The Patriot League isn't the pushover it was 15 years ago.

Tonight, after work, it's CrossFit time again.  My wife has plans to meet some friends for dinner, so I'll go alone, but I did that for quite a while before my wife joined the gym.  I really enjoy doing the workouts with my wife and then talking about them on the way home at the end of the day.  I will miss that tonight.  Then, I'll drive home, cook dinner, eat, fall asleep, and get up in the morning to do it all over again.

It may be predictable, but it's a pretty good life.

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Harriet said...

Trivia: I saw Bucknell in an NCAA tournament game in Dallas in 1989; they lost to Syracuse in the first round.