Monday, December 10, 2012

Another week of the same

We started a new 10 week cycle at CrossFit last week.  We are focusing on Olympic lifts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, plus we are doing squats every Tuesday.  Each of those days has a short metabolic workout after the strength sets.

I made it to CF five times last week - Monday through Friday.  That was deliberate for two reasons.  First, my goal at the beginning of the year was to get to CF 150 times this year, and I started the month 15 workouts from that goal.  Right now, I'm 10 away.  Secondly, I knew I'd be out of town for the weekend, so a workout over the weekend was unlikely.  One workout option for the weekend would have been a workout at CrossFit Fenway, but they charge $40 for a non-member to drop in for a workout.  I simply can't justify paying that much for a group workout.  Even in Manhattan, I paid $25 as a drop-in.  It wasn't cheap, but it was much more palatable than $40.

I have to say that I've been worried about an extended period of time focused on the Oly lifts, especially the snatch, and supporting lifts such as the overhead squat.  My shoulders are seriously lacking in mobility, so the snatch and OH squat are very tough lifts for me.  But, so far, the volume and weights haven't been too bad, and my shoulders survived the week.  This morning, I ran into the chiropractor who helped me with a rotator cuff injury last year (ART and Graston work, mostly), and we talked about getting together to do a mobility and stability evaluation, and then come up with a plan to keep my shoulders a bit more healthy overall.

Over the weekend, my wife and I went to Boston.  We stayed with my niece and her boyfriend near Kenmore Square.  Their living room faces the big Citgo sign right outside of Fenway, and that sign made it difficult for me to sleep on Saturday night.  It is seriously bright when you are really close.  My brother and his roommate were also in Boston.  Our excuse for the get-together was a hockey game - Maine at Boston University.  We are all hockey fans, but mostly, we just wanted to hang out for the weekend.

The game turned out to be really exciting.  Early on, it looked like BU was going to steamroll Maine, but after giving up a power play goal in the first, Maine tightened up their defense.  And, at times, BU looked a little bit sloppy.  That first period goal by Garrett Noonan held up in a 1-0 game.  Noonan is a name NHL fans should probably remember, because he will probably be there in a couple years, assuming the NHL owners ever decide to let the players play.

We stayed up way later than normal on Saturday night and then that stupid sign made it tough for me to sleep.  On Sunday, we took my niece and her boyfriend to a place called Eastern Standard for brunch.  It's one of my favorite places in that part of the city, and we had a really nice brunch.

After that, we drove home, got some groceries on the way, and I cooked dinner.  I fell asleep on the couch before 7:45 and I was in bed shortly thereafter.  So, I think I'm caught up on sleep, and I'm looking forward to CrossFit later today.

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