Friday, June 8, 2012

Is this thing still turned on?

So, in my last post, a few weeks ago, I posted a few pictures from a fishing trip my son and I took to PA.  We had a good time and we've continued to fish here in Vermont when we both have time off from work.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be one of those days.

Life has been kind of crazy, as usual, since we got home.  My first week at home, I was simply trying to catch up at work.  I found out that week that a very good employee was leaving the company.  He will be difficult to replace.  We have lots of new work coming up, so things could be exciting for the next few months.  We are also moving our company to a new space, and I'm getting more involved in business level meetings with potential partners and customers.  It's hard to get the actual work done while you're in a meeting, especially if you are short of staff.

Last week, I got hit by some sort of eye infection.  My eye swelled up badly and took over a week to return to (almost) normal.  Then, I got hit by a sudden and outrageously painful gout attack.  Not knowing what it was, I ended up in the Emergency Room about 2:00 a.m. on a Monday morning.  It wasn't diagnosed properly until about 8 hours later.  By that point in time, I'd had at least two completely unnecessary medications, including a painful abdominal injection.

Since I turned 50, about five months ago, I believe that I've seen more doctors and taken more sick days than in the entire previous decade.

This week, on Wednesday, my wife turned 50.  I warned her about the downward trend, but she claims she will go the other way.  We had a really restaurant dinner to celebrate her birthday.  I even convinced my wife to take some vacation time to celebrate her birthday.

In a couple hours, I'll be at CF for the fourth time this week.  Given how much I've been sick, any week with four consecutive training days is good.  If things go well, I'll run tomorrow and cycle Sunday.  Plus fishing tomorrow. 

I did get 100 pounds overhead 25 times yesterday.  That was the most weight I've put overhead since I hurt my rotator cuff in February.  I have done as much as 175 overhead in the past, so there's still plenty of work to be done, but the shoulder is recovering.

Tonight will be my 90th day of the year with some sort of workout.  On this same date last year, I was at 111 workout days.  Two years ago, I was at 85 on this date.  With the illnesses, a vacation, and a demanding work schedule, I should probably be happy with the 90 workouts.  But, my wife would tell you that I'm rarely happy with my fitness or training.  I always think I can do better in terms of quantity or quality, and sometimes both.  This year, the quality has been there, but not the quantity.  It's time to add some easier cardio type workouts to get get ready for a running relay that is only about 10 weeks away.

And, I need to avoid getting sick any more.

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