Friday, February 24, 2012

Two Good Workouts and Knowing When to Say "Enough"

My goal is to get to CrossFit three times per week during ski season. My preference is to take Monday and Friday as rest days, and then do CF on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. After really working hard last weekend, the rest day on Monday was nice. I went to CF on Tuesday, and got through the workout OK. But, afterwards, in my hotel room, I felt a bit light-headed and I didn't sleep too well.

I went again on Wednesday, and had a good workout. We did back squats for strength, and I set a new 3-rep max at 295#. Then, the main workout suited me well with squat clean thrusters and some running. I had a decent time for the workout and really enjoyed it.

Later that night, I was feeling beat and I didn't sleep well. After work yesterday, I went to CF, but during the warm-up, I could tell I was beat. We were doing some basic rope jumping and I was completely out of breath. I decided it was best to skip the workout and recover for the weekend of skiing.

Right now, it's snowing lightly and we have a winter storm warning for 6"-10" of new snow. If we even get the lower amount, it will be the best snowstorm here since before Thanksgiving. It would certainly be nice to be skiing powder in the trees this weekend. And, with two rest days before the weekend, I should be feeling much stronger than last weekend when I'm out there.

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