Monday, November 30, 2009

That time of year

A couple weeks ago, my daughter got hit by H1N1, but came through it pretty well. The rest of the family dodged that bullet (so far), which is especially good for my son and me, since we both suffer from asthma (mine much milder than his). But, a week ago, my son started to get sick, and it seems to just be a really bad cold. A rapid strep test was negative, but he's had a rough time with coughing and congestion for the past week. I was able to run this past Thursday, but by the end of the day, it was clear that whatever had my son had me as well.

I took a rest day on Friday and I felt better on Saturday. I had planned to race 5K on Saturday, but I knew that my lungs weren't up for it. So, I lifted hard on Saturday (PR'd in the squat by 5 pounds), and then felt terrible again yesterday morning. I tried another lifting session yesterday, but I had nothing to give. I probably should have skipped the gym session yesterday, to be honest.

So, today is a rest day.

As I look at my workout log for the year (and when I look in the mirror), I know that this will go down as one of my poorest running years ever. If I hadn't taken up lifting a few years ago as an alternative workout, this year might have been disastrous for me.

Hopefully, I'll be healthy by this coming weekend, and I hope to be skiing by Saturday. In some ways, being sick now is better than being sick when I'm scheduled to be on snow and teaching. But, it would be nicer to never get sick at all, wouldn't it?

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David Ray said...

Amen, brother. Hope you feel better soon.