Friday, September 1, 2017

August Summary

I made it to CrossFit 17 times in August.  That was after one day in June and two in July.

The most I've ever done in a month is 18 days, and I came within one day of tying that record.

Since our gym opened exactly 7 years ago today, I have done 880 CrossFit workouts.  Tonight will be number 881.

Things continue to improve, but slowly.  My running is getting better, but it's far from good.  My squats this week were 20 pounds heavier than a few weeks ago, so that was good.  I did deadlifts last night at 185# - still less than half of my lifetime best, but I was happy with that number.  There was no doubt that I could have lifted heavier, and next time I do deads, I will probably shoot for 225.

But, I'm still the slowest runner at the gym, and I'm using fairly light weights for a lot of the workouts.  I feel kind of pathetic, but after the chemo and surgery I've been through this year, I need to learn to be grateful that I'm out there.  Many people I've met (online) who have liposarcoma have had treatments that make just walking a challenge.  I'm lucky that I'm still able to challenge myself this way.

Physical therapy is really exposing some imbalances and weaknesses, and I've got some work to do at home to work on that.  It's amazing how losing 2/3 of that one muscle can affect overall strength and balance.  At times, I can really feel other muscles being recruited to cover the muscle that's essentially gone.

My September totals for CF will certainly be lower than this month.  We have five weekends in the month and I rarely do CF on the weekends.  I also have a nine day trip that is a combo of business and vacation, and there will be no CF for those 9 days, most likely.

If I get 12 days in September, it will be a good month.

Right now, I'm hoping that a clean scan or two will let me stay focused in the gym, with no interruptions for treatments.  If that happens, I should do my 1000th lifetime CF workout sometime next summer.


thronedoggie said...

Strangely enough, I'm living with some of the same stuff - but without any chronic illness. I'm usually the slowest runner in any group, and I'm almost ALWAYS the slowest swimmer. (I'm a mid-pack cyclist these days, but only by overconcentrating on the bike).

These things have happened as a result of nothing, as far as I can tell, but AGE. When I see the doctor, I keep hoping that he's going to find something wrong, so that it can be fixed - but what's wrong with me won't be fixed by anything short of reincarnation :)

jim p.

Damon said...

Age is certainly part of it. And, each one of my treatments seems to take more out of me than the one before. I think part of this is because I never seem to get back to where I was before it's time for something else. If I could just train uninterrupted for a year, I think I'd make some solid progress. But right now, I am simply living life in 4 month increments - the time between each scan.