Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Compressed Timeline?

After my last chemo treatment, recovery moved slowly.  Nausea and brain fog were pretty serious.  About 60 hours after the treatment, a fever sent me to the emergency room.

Serious fatigue - meaning reduced aerobic capacity - was present for 5+ days.

This time, the nausea has been less.  The brain fog has been less.

My workout right after treatment went better than I'd hoped.

I was able to walk both days after treatment.

And last night, I did CrossFit again.  I wish I could say it went well, but it didn't.  However, I felt last night like I felt on Wednesday night two weeks earlier.  So, it seems like I'm recovering faster this round.

I'm somewhat hopeful that the symptoms are going to end up compressed or reduced somehow.  If I can deal with all the side effects in just a few days rather than them dragging out, it will be a nice improvement.

The next few days will tell.  If CF gets easier the next two days compared to yesterday, I will have a reason to feel optimistic.

If things drag out, I'll also have some new data, but it won't be what I'm hoping for.

Time to wait and see.

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