Thursday, December 22, 2016

Trouble finding my rhythm

Well, my wife would say I've always been rhythmically challenged, especially on the dance floor.  But, it's a different kind of rhythm that's eluding me, really since late September.  Late October is when my wife and I did the Ghost Train ultra, covering 45 miles in 28+ hours, but I started tapering for that event at the end of September.

Since then, I simply can't seem to find a consistency in my training.  Yes, I had three trips to NYC for treatment.  The treatment and aftermath of radiation cost me 3 weeks of gym time.  But, it seems that every time I jump back into CF, I trash my body so badly that I am left incapacitated for days.

This week, for example, we started the week with front squats and back squats on Monday night.  When healthy, I would do this workout at 185 pounds, a testament to my current weak front squat (My front squat PR is 305#, back squat is 375#, and I can only do 185 for mixed sets???).  But, after three weeks away from the gym, I backed way, way off, and did the squats at 113# - crazy low weight for me.

By Tuesday night, my hammies were sore, but I managed to walk on the treadmill.  By yesterday, I could barely walk, and I pulled my left hamstring during a warm-up at the gym, doing unweighted split squats.  I knew I needed to be careful on that movement, and I thought I was being careful, but I tweaked the muscle anyway.  So, I sat out the workout.  Today, I can barely walk again, so I doubt that I can do CF.  Even a walk on the treadmill will be tough, to be honest.

Every week seems to go like this.  No matter how easy  I go, I trash myself.  Then, I miss some days.  Then, when I return, my conditioning is even worse, and I trash myself again.  I can't seem to find a way to train at a moderate level so that I can find some consistency.

Squatting seems to be the core issue, and we always squat on Mondays.  Recently, squatting comes after a weekend of skiing, and by Tuesday, I'm shot.   I love to squat, and I want to squat at least once per week.  But, without some consistency, I can't do it without trashing my legs for days.  Right now, I haven't done CF even 3 times in one week since September.  I've been walking a lot, but walking is not proper preparation for CF.  So, my inconsistency feeds on itself, and I feel like I'm going backwards.

Between my trips to MSKCC last month and this month, the holidays, a business trip, and other family obligations, I simply can't find that rhythm.

Right now, I'm probably 7-8 weeks away from my next surgery, and I need to use that time to get stronger and more fit, so I'm as fit as possible heading into the surgery.  And, I'm not doing a very good job right now.  I must fix that!

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