Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Almost time to ski!

Killington has been open for more than a week.  As of today, they have 5 open trails.

My new ski helmet and gloves arrived in the mail in the past week or so.  I ordered some new ski socks today.  My skis and boots are in the shop at Sugarbush for a safety check.

This Saturday, I will have 6 pairs of old skis and 1 pair of boots for sale in a local ski swap.  The goal is to get enough money to buy my wife a new pair of skis for this season.

And then, on Sunday, we are heading to Killington to ski for the day.

The following weekend, if the weather cooperates, I will ski at Sugarbush.  My first day on snow at Sugarbush will be a working day, something we call "train the trainers".  Basically, we do our training of other instructors a bit differently every year, so we try to get all of the staff trainers on snow early, so we can start to get comfortable on snow again, and so we can talk about the training plans for the season.

After that, I'll be training other instructors starting on Thanksgiving weekend.  I will start skiing with paying customers on the 13th of December.

My fly rods are still not put away for the winter.  I'm still hoping to get out fishing this coming weekend.  But, winter is just about here.

Other than that, it's all about CrossFit, I suppose.  Tonight involves a lot of overhead barbell work.  My shoulders are going to be tired tomorrow.

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