Friday, January 31, 2014

Big Test This Weekend

I have been cleared by my doc to resume activities at a level that feels comfortable to me.  So, first thing tomorrow morning, I will be driving to Sugarbush and putting on my ski equipment.  I'll take a few training runs with my friends, and if all goes well, I will spend the day teaching skiing.  If that goes well, I'll teach again on Sunday, assuming I can get to the mountain on Sunday.  We are supposed to have snow and freezing rain overnight on Saturday night, so travel could be dicey on Sunday morning.

Since my surgery, I've been to CrossFit twice.  In both cases, I worked out at a very light level - some arm presses, knee push-ups, super-light deadlifts (about 1/6 of my max), box step ups, and some rowing.  Plus some mobility and stretching work.  Each time, I've felt beat up for a couple days afterward.

So, trying to teach skiing all day tomorrow could be a challenge.  But, it beats sitting at home for another weekend, wishing I was skiing.

And, if it's too much for me, I'll have my phone with me and I'll call my boss and tell her I can't pull it off.  Hopefully that won't happen.

Given Sunday's forecast and the Super Bowl on Sunday, I'm not sure how many kids will show up.  When the Patriots are in the Super Bowl, attendance tends to be very light.  With two western teams in the game this year, people may be in the mood to ski all day on Sunday.

I hope my body is ready to ski all day.  Twice.

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