Friday, August 16, 2013

Injury Follow-up

I made it to CF on Monday and took it mostly easy.  Tuesday, I made it again and we had some more complex movements (Olympic lifting).  I barely made it through the workout, and I was not standing or walking straight after the workout.

So, Wednesday became a rest day.  I was afraid it might be the first of many rest days.  But, yesterday morning, I felt just fine when I woke up.  I went to CrossFit.  Within an hour, I'd done some running, some push-ups, rope jumping, rowing, wall balls and kettlebell swings.  And the SI joint was just fine: absolutely no problems.

I finally got around to donating blood today.  It's been a busy week.  And right now, I'm feeling a little sleepy.  I shouldn't get within 10 miles of the gym tonight, but I'm thinking of going for the sole purpose of doing some stretching and mobility work.

My wife is running in a 100 mile relay race tomorrow, and I don't have much planned.  Maybe I'll get to fish if I'm lucky.  After the weekend, I'm taking a few days off work, primarily to see a concert with some college friends.  This will be my third time seeing Adam Ant.  I never saw the very original band (before the Bow Wow Wow spin-off) and I never saw the version of Adam and the Ants that released Kings of the Wild Frontier.  But, this will be my third time seeing Adam Ant, and the last time was over 25 years ago.  His set lists on the tour have been pretty impressive, so I'm excited to see him.

And, today, at our weekly company meeting, I scheduled a 12 day vacation for the end of next month.  It looks like we are about to hire someone else here, which will free me to finally take a real vacation.

Well, back to work if I can just stay awake.

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