Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More of the same

I've been wanting to write a post that will be of little interest to the few people who normally waste some time here, but I just haven't had the time.  I have been fishing quite a bit recently and I want to write a review of the new fly rod and reel that I bought this spring.  But, that will have to wait until I can find some more time.

When I last wrote a post, I'd just been trashed by the CrossFit workout Eva.  I did take a rest day the day after and then I got back to CF on Thursday and Friday last week.  My arms were still a bit sore on Thursday, but I got through the workout OK.  Friday, I had to adjust the workout quite a bit.  The first part was a series of overhead presses - a total of 8 sets of 3, using two different types of press.  That just isn't going to work for my shoulder, so I substituted 8x3 back squats.  I lifted moderately heavy, but I didn't realize for a few days how hard I'd gone.

When I left CrossFit on Friday night, I'd only been to three workouts for the week, but they were all solid workouts, so I was fairly happy.

Saturday was very typical of my weekends this time of year.  My wife and I went to the farmers' market.  We did a few other errands.  Then, we went to my daughter's lacrosse game.  And late in the afternoon, my son and I went out fly fishing.

This was our first trip of the year to the White River - a large river that often lags behind some of the smaller rivers in terms of early season production.  We saw some insects in the air - mostly March Browns and Pale Evening Duns, but we only saw one fish break the surface.  That was a small fish that left the water completely and for no apparent reason.  So, we were fishing under the surface and dealing with some tricky currents.  My son still struggles in this type of fishing; the strikes are difficult to detect and if you're not quick, the fish is gone before you know what happened.

I manged to hook four wild rainbows in three hours of fishing, but only one of them made it to the net.  I think we lost an opportunity for dry fly fishing when a large cloud obscured the sun about 90 minutes before dark.  The bugs disappeared and we saw no fish at all feeding on the surface towards sunset.

On Sunday, I spent some time cooking and I mowed the lawn.  I took a nap.  And then, despite some rain, I headed out for some solo fly fishing (my son was working).  I fished the First Branch of the White River, about 25 miles upstream from where I'd fished the day before.  Not too long after starting, I'd caught two rainbows - both of them stocked fish.  And then, the fishing just turned off.  I didn't get another strike for two hours and I finally quit when the rain had soaked to my skin and I was starting to get cold.

Monday night I returned to CrossFit and the strength work was squats.  As I warmed up, I discovered that my legs were still really fatigued from Friday's workout.  We were supposed to do 8 sets of 2 reps (doing 1-1/4 squats - front and back), but on my second working set, I simply let the barbell roll off my back to the floor.  One of the trainers was afraid I'd hurt myself, but I explained that I was simply too tired from Friday to do yesterday's workout safely.  While everyone else lifted, I ran a mile.  Then, I returned for the rest of the workout - ten minutes of power cleans and wall balls.  I was wiped out after a very moderate workout.

I am somewhat concerned that I didn't recover with two rest days over the weekend.  Yes, I was moving around on the weekend, but I did no real training.  I didn't think Friday's work had been that difficult.  I did my 8x3 at about 75% of my 1 rep max weight, which isn't that high.  But, my body simply said "no" last night and I had to listen.  I'm used to CrossFit being tough for me, but I've only exercised about half of the days in May so far.  I'm guessing it was just a bad day or bad sequencing of workouts and I'll be fine.  I hope.

I got to bed early last night and I hope I'm rested and more ready to go tonight.

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