Monday, November 5, 2012

One week later

I've probably forgotten everything I wanted to write about regarding Henry Rollins.  I did love his positive outlook on life and the likelihood of the human race fixing the world before we manage to destroy it. I loved some of the anecdotes from his speaking tours - discussions about raw conversations and sad conversations, where the humanity of the conversation simply transcended politics or race or religion or any other label that could be used.

I liked some of the information about his early days with Ian MacKaye and the genesis of the punk movement in the US.  My son is a huge fan of MacKaye, so he really appreciated these stories.

He urged everyone to vote.  Get educated if you aren't already.  My son is 19 and has no plans to vote tomorrow and I'm really disappointed in that decision.  I hoped Henry Rollins would sway him, but it's not going to happen.  I understand the cynicism that goes with being 19 years old.  But, I voted in my first Presidential election in 1980 at age 18, and I think I've only missed one election since then.  I got stuck at work very late in 1988 and never made it to the polls.

One particular anecdote about Austin City Limits, a poster created by a local artist, and the donation of money to the local Planned Parenthood office was hysterical.  Henry was essentially suggesting that given our country's political divides, some solid family planning in Texas might prevent that state from gaining any more electoral power.  But, the way he told the story was fantastic.

He talked for 2.5 hours and was never boring for a second.  I'd urge anyone to see him if you can.

I have been sick for a solid week now.  I am not close to 100%, and I see no way that CrossFit will happen tonight.

Tomorrow, my son and I leave for Manhattan, to see the Colbert Report's live broadcast on election night.  I have a reservation to work out Wednesday morning at CrossFit Hell's Kitchen, and that may be my next workout.

And right now, it's back to the grindstone so I can finish a huge amount of work before I leave for the next two days.

Please remember to vote.  It does matter, or at least I like to continue to believe that it does.

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