Monday, November 15, 2010

Another long break

We're living in puppy time, it seems. Puppy time is a weird place in the universe that requires hyper-vigilance. It can take mere seconds for a puppy to eat a pair of eyeglasses, shred a dozen socks, or manage to go to the bathroom inside seconds after you took him for a walk. There is no human capable of really effectively keeping up with a puppy. You just do your best.

So, our defective Ridgeback, Johnny Rotten, is truly a puppy. He is sweet, but he has sharp teeth and he's not afraid to use them. He doesn't care that his ears are crooked, his tail is crooked, and that he has too much white to ever be a show dog. He just wants to be a puppy, and he will be a Grand Champion at that by the time he grows up.

The cool thing is that he loves people. He hasn't seemed to miss his old home at all, because he's got four people, two cats, and an older Ridgeback to play with. The other pets are still wary, but he's slowly making progress with them. And, the puppy is really dominating things for us, it seems.

Since we got the puppy, I've gotten in four good workouts - stacking firewood, CrossFit, and lifting on my own. This week, I'm determined to get in another good week. Ski season is just around the corner and I'm still not as fit as I'd like to be. To be honest, I'm far from that point. But, the only option I have is to be more consistent, don't miss workouts, and take advantage of a November that seems intent on delaying skiing season.

Plus, since I'm not skiing, I have more time to watch over that little dog, and stop him from eating every sock I own.

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